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Success Stories

Learn Swedish Successfully
Learn Swedish Successfully
Success Stories

These Swedish lessons were great. I increased my knowledge of Swedish and received lots of smart tips on how to learn Swedish quickly and effectively. I also improved my pronunciation and could relax when speaking Swedish. Thank you for everything!

Marta Janicka

Key Account Manager, Poland

Bojana is an amazing Swedish teacher. My language learning experience was as positive as can be. She kept me motivated and interested, and had insightful and nuanced answers. No one had been able to explain Swedish pronunciation to me in this way before. It is obvious that she has an academic understanding of the Swedish language, but is able to translate that into easily understandable lessons. I received a lot of support and encouragement, and at the same time she challenged me to do more than I thought I could. I cannot recommend Like A Native’s courses enough.

Quinn Metcalfe

Midwife, Canada

Natalia has a very pragmatic approach to teaching and adapts her teaching approach to the individual's strengths and purpose. I received higher challenges all the time and she kept on securing that I understand and pronounce exactly as it should be. I not only learned the basics, but also got help with understanding the cultural context, which helped me to understand Swedish and Swedes better. I really want Like A Native's services to benefit thousands like me. Thank you for delivering effective solutions and helping me get real results!

Dr. Shrikrishna Tiwari

Program Manager, India

The pronunciation classes I took were identical to piano lessons because you are forced to consistently hit the right notes. It is common for Swedish speakers to elide certain syllables and to use a distinctive rhythm when speaking and these lessons helped me understand those patterns and gain fluency. Bojana is an excellent teacher and a great motivator. I finally gained the knowledge and the confidence to conversate with strangers in Swedish in a timeframe that surpassed my expectations. If you are serious about learning Swedish, I strongly recommend Like A Native’s services.

Miguel P. Gomes

Engineer/Project Manager, Portugal

After attending 3 different Swedish courses and despite receiving very high scores on tests, people still couldn’t understand my Swedish. Finally, I found a teacher who could point out what the problems were and could provide me with effective strategies to improve my pronunciation and to understand Swedes better. It really works!

Yaqin Chen

IT Engineer, China

I didn't know what questions to ask nor where to begin, but Bojana's experience was enough to know what I needed and make significant improvement after each lesson. It was very efficient, and never felt like a waste of time. She was also very understanding and flexible. I never felt like any question was stupid! It was just as important and made the process even more enjoyable.

Natali Plazonic

Psychologist, Croatia

Noone has ever taught me Swedish pronunciation in this way before. Now I can finally produce sounds which I thought were impossible to pronounce before. My native language is Cantonese Chinese, which is quite different to Swedish. I really received help on how to improve my Swedish pronunciation. I also finally received effective tips and tricks on how to pronounce certain Swedish sounds as well as how to make my Swedish sound more “Swedish”.

Sydney Leong

Business Analyst, Hong Kong

I was happy to learn Swedish with Natalia. I must admit that she is one of the best Swedish teachers I have ever come across. I also received help with realizing my barriers in learning the language as well as guidance on how to overcome them. One of the best things I liked when working with her is that she always put herself in my shoes when I struggled to understand a concept. Her passion for teaching motivated me and inspired me to do more and better. I appreciated her commitment to make sure that the students really understand the concept. I could not recommend Like a Native enough.

Arun Jayabalan

IT Engineer, India

After 10 years in Sweden I was able to gain lots of passive knowledge of the Swedish language. I avoided talking Swedish even in simple outside job conversations, but was able to read emails or even simpler web articles. The focus on pronunciation was great - that was one of my weakest points. Once I learned to pronounce things right, it got much easier to understand native speakers. These lessons were a very effective way of filling my knowledge gaps - now I understand my work colleagues much better and can use Swedish in everyday conversations. Thank you, Bojana!

Mladen Toncev 

Technical Manager, Canada

I really received help  to get my first insights into the Swedish language. Natalia is a very organized and flexible teacher. These lessons also helped me to successfully pass the national SFI test without any challenge. I can warmly recommend Like A Native's courses to anyone who wants to learn Swedish effectively with great results in return.  

Marko Ilic

IT Engineer, Serbia