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Swedish Pronunciation and Fluency Teachers
Swedish Pronunciation and Fluency Teachers

Are you a busy and motivated Swedish learner who wants to achieve fluency FASTER and more EFFECTIVELY, so you can do business, build relationships, and enjoy your life in Sweden?

If you feel that the lack of fluency in Swedish is preventing you from achieving your goals, then our online Swedish courses are the right choice for you.

Like A Native is founded and run by Bojana and Natalia, certified Swedish teachers. Our expertise is grounded in a twenty-year teaching experience and substantial linguistic academic training, including Master’s studies in Swedish as a second language.

We help non-native speakers of Swedish improve their pronunciation and fluency QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY so they can become confident Swedish speakers.

We have developed very effective language learning methods and strategies that have become an essential part of our teaching.

Our teaching method is also guided by our own personal success of mastering Swedish. Our mission is simple: help busy and motivated Swedish learners become fluent and confident speakers so they can finally enjoy their conversations in Swedish

Our Unique Philosophy 


Authenticity has to do with mastering real-life Swedish. Swedish used by real people in real-life situations. It has also to do with how easy it is for a non-native speaker to understand and be understood by Swedes.


Fluency has to do with the ability to express yourself in Swedish spontaneously and with ease. In a conversation it means that you don’t stumble upon words and sentences because you’re unsure about the right pronunciation.


Confidence means how comfortable you are in Swedish with native speakers, not necessarily about having “perfect, flawless Swedish. Real confidence comes from having effective strategies in language situations that non-native speakers usually find challenging.

Study Swedish with Leading  Experts in Adult Language Teaching

Expert Swedish Teachers
Expert Swedish Teachers

You ALWAYS learn Swedish DIRECTLY from us and get full access to our expertise. Since both of us studied Swedish as a second language at a master’s level, we are very familiar with the major principles of foreign/second language teaching and learning. 

In all of our Swedish courses, we combine the newest research, best teaching practices, and personal insights to craft the best learning experience for our students

Our Swedish courses focus on fluency & real-life language use. This is why we also teach the important aspects of Swedish culture and communication style in our courses.

By focusing both on the Swedish language and cultural specificities, we are able to help our students achieve fluency in Swedish even faster.


After 10 years in Sweden I was able to gain lots of passive knowledge of Swedish. I avoided talking Swedish even in simple outside job conversations, but was able to read emails or even simpler web articles. The focus on pronunciation was great! These lessons were a very effective way of filling my knowledge gaps - now I understand my work colleagues much better and can use Swedish in everyday conversations. Thank you!

Mladen Toncev
Technical Manager, Canada

No one had been able to explain Swedish pronunciation to me in this way before. It is obvious that Bojana & Natalia  have an academic understanding of the Swedish language, but are able to translate that into easily understandable lessons. I received a lot of support and encouragement, and at the same time I was challenged to do more than I thought I could. I cannot recommend Like A Native’s courses enough.

Quinn Metcalfe
Midwife, Canada

No one has ever taught me Swedish pronunciation in this way before. My native language is Cantonese Chinese, which is quite different to Swedish. I finally received help on how to improve my Swedish pronunciation.
I also received effective tips and tricks on how to pronounce certain Swedish sounds as well as how to make my Swedish sound more ´´Swedish´´.

Sydney Leong
 Business Analyst, Hong Kong

Learn Swedish from Highly Experienced Certified Swedish Teachers

Qualified Swedish Teachers
Qualified Swedish Teachers

Over the last 20 years we have helped numerous students master Swedish at different levels with great results.

From the very beginning, we have focused on teaching Swedish solely to adults. This is why we have a deep understanding of the challenges our adult students face.

We are both certified teachers of Swedish as a second language (legitimerade gymnasielärare i svenska som andraspråk). One of us is also a certified examiner for the Swedex language test.

We have taught Swedish courses to adults at all levels (A1-C1) and at all types of schools that offer Swedish courses for adults in Sweden: private school, Komvux (adult education) and university. Apart from schools, we have also taught Swedish to employees at various companies, in one-on-one and group settings.

We also have extensive experience in producing and teaching online Swedish courses.

Our Swedish courses are flexible and provide effective solutions that help our students progress rapidly toward becoming confident Swedish speakers

Study Swedish with Swedish Pronunciation Experts

Swedish Pronunciation Teachers
Swedish Pronunciation Teachers

Our primary expertise is teaching Swedish pronunciation and fluency.
Take Your Chance to Learn Swedish Pronunciation from leading experts in the field.

Over the past 20 years, we have gathered a lot of theoretical knowledge and developed effective methods for helping adult students master Swedish pronunciation and gain more fluency.

This high level of expertise led to teaching a Swedish pronunciation course for advanced students of Swedish at Malmö University. 

We also offer lectures and workshops for Swedish teachers in adult education, where we share our most successful set of methods and strategies that dramatically improve the students’ Swedish pronunciation, fluency and intelligibility.   

Get started by downloading #1 Quick Fix to Sound More Fluent in Swedish mini-course to discover how to immediately improve your pronunciation & fluency in Swedish!